The present list of things needed

  • Heat visors
  • quadrocopters
  • bulletproof jacket
  • helmets
  • military boots (glany)
  • thermal underwear
  • rubber slippers
  • tactical gloves
  • balaclava
  • shortwave/ walkie-talkie
  • fire-extenguishers
  • portable power supply stations
  • torchlights
  • power banks
  • batteries
  • folding beds
  • bedding
  • sleeping bags
  • foam mats
  • duvets
  • mattresses
  • pillows
  • bleeding stopping agents
  • pressure clamps
  • medical (quick coupler) „CAT”, „SWAT”
  • sterile dressing bandages
  • sterile cotton-gas tampons
  • elastic tourniquets
  • laryngeal tubes
  • decompression needles
  • occlusive dressings
  • hydrogel dressings for burns
  • Dexamethasone
  • Bilrot scissors (bent) 160 mm
  • Bilrot scissors 296 mm
  • Koher tongs bent 160
  • Simple general surgical scissors (14 cm)
  • Mosquito forceps curved (160 mm)
  • Dardir Atraumatic Blood Retention Forceps
  • Harken Dissectors No 1,2,3 (24 cm)
  • Atraumatic blood clamps (ZA-109-1)
  • Surgical forceps
  • Anatomical forceps
  • Mayo-Hegar needle holders
  • Cooper bent surgical scissors for deep holes (25 cm)
  • Scissors for cutting button dressings (14 cm)
  • Scissors for dressing material (23.5 cm)
  • Surgical cutting needles # 2-8 ½ in circumference
  • Surgical spike needles # 1-3 ½ in circumference
  • Vascular spiked needles # 1-3
  • Surgical intestinal prickly needles No. 1-5
  • Medical saws
  • Sewing materials (PGA, vicryl, polypropylene, polydioxanone, etc.)
  • bandages, gauze, bactericidal plasters
  • iodine
  • alcohol
  • hydrogen dioxide
  • Chlorheks Protect – anti-bacterial and anti-viral liquids for hand sanitaion
  • thermal underwear
  • rubber slippers
  • socks (cotton)
  • underwear
  • shoe inserts
  • Everything for shaving
  • Hair clippers
  • disposable tableware
  • lip balms
  • flour (preferably packaged),
  • cereals (oatmeal; muesli, plain and instant),
  • sugar,
  • pasta,
  • cocoa,
  • coffee,
  • tea,
  • vegetable oil,
  • dried fruit,
  • nuts,
  • stew,
  • canned goods,
  • cookies,
  • milk powder,
  • chocolate,
  • energy bars,
  • bakery products,
  • sausages (vacuum),
  • pâté,
  • dried yeast,
  • soda,
  • vinegar,
  • sauces (not spicy)
  • yellow(paper) adhesive tape (NOT RED!)
  • reinforced (armed) tape
  • aluminum foil
  • rubber expanders
  • chargers
  • raincoats
  • work gloves
  • hand warmers
  • torchlights
  • power banks
  • batteries
The collection takes place in The Warta Trade Park (near Galeria Jurajska),
ul. Krakowska 45 Budynek 6 lokal 62 in Częstochowa.


Managing Directors

President Joanna and Tomasz Kmiecik

President Joanna and Tomasz Kmiecik

Principal Project Coordinators

Our Strategy

Transport from the border to help centers

We organize transport for people who need support and care. We coordinate activities of volunteeres who use their own cars to bring families from Polish-Ukrainian border. We will need additional means of transport to travel among various help centers.

If you can help in this, please contact our transport coordinator clicking below.

See what rescuing orphans from ukraine looks like
Offer transportation

Kamil Koćwin

Humanitarian Transportation
Tel: +48 504-124-833

Emergency assistance

Refugees that reached help centers need support and assistance. They need not only accommodation and food, but also medical help and legal and psychological aid.We also plan to organize care for childern when their mothers go to work.

If you would like to suggest any kind of medical, legal, psychological help or if you would like to take care of children, we invite you to fill a form below.

Offer support

Marysia Kałużyńska

Food supply
Tel: +48 664-025-573


Ania Koćwin

Food service in our Center
Tel: +48 664-025-573


Families running away from the war zone need shelter. The existing help centers are not enough. We look for hotel accommodation for a short period of time, but also for flats in which families could stay for months or longer.

If you can offer any form of accommodation, please contact us via the form below.

Submit accommodation

Joanna Wojciechowska

Tel: +48 513-566-519

Work for refugees

We care for people who have found shelter in Poland. They are mainly women and childern. They need to adopt to the new surrounding, before they will be able to go back home. Work and earning their own money will not only help them to live an independent life, but also will restore their self-confidence and morale.

If you can offer job, please fill in the form below.

At present the highest job demand is in Częstochowa and in the vicinity of this city.

Submit a job
Serce dla Ukrainy (800×800 px)-2


As such intense aid action is cost-intensive,we continue to raise funds to be able to extend help for Ukrainian refugees. If you can support us financially, we invite you to participate in our fundraising action.

Who we are

We are a charitable foundation established to help women and childern in need. We cooperate with all the people, companies and organizations that value people and their welfare.

Our aim is to support families and help childern and youth in finding values and direction in life. It is important for us to develop talents and potential especially of those who have not got chances and hope for better life. We help and support women in difficult life situations and victims of home violence.

We need your help in this!

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